Burning Head

// Looping Gif here (Give it some time it's a big fat 30Mo gif :D)

// Original Illustration by Romain Mazevet
// HD reference here
// The lips are the only part kept from the original illustration. Animation made on AfterEffect, with noises, blurs, grades & JavaScript. The breath movement was made with a simple rig on 3DSmax and the particles with Pflow.
// h264 contrast destruction is the worst thing in the world. I hate it, I hate you h264.

// Showreel 2013

// A selection of various solo and group projects, mostly made during my three years at Supinfocom Arles. It includes some shots of "Home Sweet Home", my graduation movie made in group, and "Le Nuage", a solo short movie made during my first year. Also includes some exercices and practice solo projects.

// Music : "Interlude 1" by Odezenne

Home Sweet Home // Firecamp Breakdown

The goal for this firecamp was to have an illustrative look, with real dynamics for the wind, but not too magic / 2D like a Zelda / Rayman fire to respect the movie's art direction.

Made on 3DSmax (FumeFX + PFlow) and composited on Adobe After Effect CS6 // Smoke was made using almost the same Pipeline, small differences during the compositing mix.

The HD quality is still so low ... I'am so sad for all the details blured in those giant pixels :O

Home Sweet Home // FX compositing Breakdown

Made on Adobe After Effect CS6 // Also Made Old House modelling and his foliage (Dynamics on HairFarm, Shaders Vray)